If you get a cryptic error message such as “Non-fatal POSTIN scriptlet failure” when installing new software via yum, it is caused by a bug in the SELinux policy and in my opinion, in the yum/rpm software as well.

See the screenshot below:


It says it can’t accessed the SELinux policy – which is not surprising since the SELinux Policy is not installed on my VPS.

On the bright side of things, yum did install ‘mod_fastcgi’ for me, despite complaining about the Non-fatal POSTIN scriptlet failure. But nevertheless, let’s fix this.

As root (or use the sudo command):

If SELinux Policy is NOT installed on your VPS/server

# yum install selinux-policy*

This will install selinux-policy-3.7.19-260.el6_6.2.noarc (in my CentOS 6.6).

If SELinux Policy IS already installed on your VPS/Server

# yum update selinux-policy*

This will update the SELinux Policy on your server to the latest version which fixes this “bug”