Different Types of CloudEveryone is talking about Kubernetes today – and perhaps you’re also wondering whether you should embrace it or at least check it out to find out what the fuss is all about.

In essence, Kubernetes is an enabler to many companies, businesses and start-ups. It enables an organization to embrace the AGILE methodology, the DevOps (or DevSecOps) culture so that you can have the advantage over your competitors in terms of flexibility and speed to market with new products and services. Kubernetes has enabled many new start-ups to leap-frog many established players because they are not ‘tied-down’ to legacy systems.

Here are some of the main benefits of Kubernetes:

  • Optimal resource utilization – you can run more apps on the same set of hardware specs
  • Highly Available Infrastructure – Kubernetes provides a ‘self-healing’ infrastructure for your applications
  • Highly Scalable – you can easily scale out to meet workload demands – either manually or automatically on demand.
  • Platform Agnostic – your apps (in the form of ‘images’) can run on any CNCF certified Kubernetes cluster. Which means, you are not locked down to any vendor.
  • Shortened Software Development LifeCycle – embracing the DevOps and CI/CD culture. This enables your company to go to market faster.

BUT … unfortunately, setting up a Production Ready Kubernetes Cluster, configuring and hardening the cluster as well as managing the daily running of the cluster is rather complicated. In time, we believe there will more tools to make all these tasks easier, but until then, you should not wait too long to embrrace Kubernetes – because your competitors won’t.

Talk to us about your business requirements and challenges, and we’ll advise you accordingly. Advice is free 🙂 

Kubernetes ‘Solutions’

Just like there are many, many different distributions of Linux (Red Hat Linux, SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Alpine, etc), there are also many “distributions” of Kubernetes. The more well-known ones are:

  • RedHat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP)
  • SUSE Rancher
  • VMware Tanzu
  • and others.

You can learn more about Kubernetes here



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